From March 15 to 16, the UMB delegation organized by our key project researchers Jozef Michal MintalKamila Borsekova and Alexandra Bitusikova attended workshops and a series of meetings on the premises of our partner, Central European University in Vienna.

The first day, focused on a review of the current project phase, brought great news about BRRIDGE #website, which will be available soon to the public and will contain information about the entire project, publications, upcoming events, and other relevant information.

The second day was dedicated to workshops and search for mutual overlaps in research activities, proposal of topics for future research, and ideas for new project activities. Other sessions centred on the topics of digitalisation and improvement of internal processes, the discussion about communication strategies for scientific outputs, both within the academic community and the general public, and the discussion about international project management and financial management. The outcome was a rich exchange of best practices and techniques, as well as guidance on how to avoid problems when implementing new solutions. At the same time, the university received a pledge of cooperation between UMB and CEU in these areas, also in the form of Erasmus+ internships.

The plan of the Institute is to visit all three partners of the BRRIDGE consortium in the upcoming months with a delegation from UMB, and to further strengthen our partnership.
We are really thankful to the CEU for the warm welcome, and we are excited to continue developing our relationship further.