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BRRIDGE: A Partnership Pioneering Democratic Insights

The BRRIDGE project brings together Matej Bel University (UMB) and three of Europe’s premier institutions: Central European University, European University Institute, and the University Galway. With a focus on enhancing research capabilities in democracy and policy at UMB, BRRIDGE delves into the contemporary challenges to democracy, influenced by shifts in technology, culture, governance, and inequalities. Through this exploration, the project aspires to enrich the democratic landscape in both Slovakia and the broader European context.



  • EUI Partner Visit

    • 17 apríla, 2023
Featured Publication

Kamila Borseková, Samuel Korony

Resilience and vulnerability of regional labour markets: principal component analysis of labour market efficiency in the EU

The proposed operational framework and its spatial distribution offer new theoretical, methodological and empirical insights into understanding the real contribution of resilience and vulnerability to regional labour markets. The added value of the proposed operational framework is its direct policy-oriented perspective.