Our overarching objective is to build research excellence at UMB in the domain of democracy and policy, as well to as advance UMB’s research management and administration, while generating knowledge that benefits society — all through joint-collaboration, knowledge transfer, exchange of best practices, and networking between UMB and top-tier partner institutions (CEU, EUI, NUIG).

Four objectives are established for the project


To enhance networking activities between UMB and top-class partner universities and to create an efficient and sustainable networking environment in the BRRIDGE consortium.


To build capacity in research management and administration at UMB through intensive exchange of ideas and experience, knowledge transfer, and good practice recommendations from partner institutions to UMB.

Research excellence

To build excellence in research on democracy and policy in four challenges to democracy and policy, namely, culture, governance, inequalities, and technology. Excellence in research is built through joint-collaboration, intensive exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experience, and short-term mobilities.

Democracy via community and policy engagement

To foster democracy via engagement and a wider cooperation of various stakeholders in research processes. Mainly through the creation of the Democracy Living Lab in the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region (Central Slovakia), leading to the proposal and implementation of tangible interventions to democracy’s challenges based on evidence and expertise.